Training and continuous staffing is an effective investment in organizational development that ensures long-term success.

A sprendimai provide professional conferencing services.

We provide all the details: we create budgets, choose the most suitable place, order services (accommodation, transport, flights, catering, etc.), register participants, prepare reports, invite lecturers, fully coordinate events and conferences. We are successfully operating under the Structural Funds.

A Sprendimai organizing training follows the following principles:

  • Evaluates where the Client is now.
  • Provides the client with the most appropriate solution, assessing his expectations and needs.
  • Together with the Customer, determines the result to be achieved.
  • Chooses the shortest and most effective way to achieve the goal.

A Sprendimai the training is conducted by qualified specialists and practitioners who, during the training, analyze the real challenges that the Client encounters in his daily activities.

! During the training, the quality of the provided services and the competence of the lecturers are ensured.