n each organization, a strategy is a coherent, coherent community or plan that puts the organization in the forefront of the organization’s goals, policies and actions.

A Solutions offer:

  • Develop methodologies for evaluating activities.
  • Advise on the implementation of the Strategic Planning Monitoring Information System (SPSIS).
  • Prepare strategic development and (or) action plans for municipalities and other public sector organizations.
  • Provide advice on strategic planning issues.
  • Develop feasibility studies.
  • SPSIS is based on balanced indicators that clearly represent the organization’s strategy, from a vision, a mission, to action plans to implement it.

SPSIS provides:

  • Monitor the implementation of strategic plans.
  • Combine strategic plans for different levels, divisions.
  • Determine the need for funds and monitor it.
  • Define indicators that measure the implementation of goals.
  • Determine the relationship between indicators and the impact of one indicator on other indicators.
  • Monitor the implementation of targets at the level of responsibility.
  • Monitor the implementation of plans through reports and graphs at any time and in different sections.

Strategic Planning Documents:

  • Regional development plans.
  • Municipal Strategic Development Plans.
  • Municipal Strategic Action Plans.
  • Sectoral analysis.
  • Organizational Strategic Action Plans.